Welcome Message

Esteemed colleagues, A Salam Alaikum

Before the birth of the nation, Abu Dhabi has been a beacon of commerce, trade and exchange of cultures and values across the lands. As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the city boasts a landscape of constant evolution, so every visit is different, eye opening and inspiring. However the city is but concrete and steel. What makes what it is, are its people. To create a truly modern day metropolis. Abu Dhabi’s rise is a testament to traditions, leadership, energy, ambition and ingenuity of those very same people. This rare blend makes Abu Dhabi a unique must-see experience destination on every level, an international hub where meetings of minds, commerce and culture set new standards for success and open the doors for partnerships and new possibilities for the future.

The medical horizon in Abu Dhabi has been limitless. It is the home of many institutions that regard health as a top priority; not a just luxury but a necessity to all. Thus, naturally, the city has been a host to many important medical conferences, none so unique as this in the field of Dermatology. The specialty has always been exciting, but not more in recent years, where it has seen tremendous change that make us not just look good, but also feel good about ourselves and unlocking our true potential.

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests, we welcome you to the first edition of our meeting and hope that we are able to shed light on the latest advances in cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery, facial aesthetics and the evolving field of antiageing. The congress will host internationally renowned speakers who are leaders in their own right to provide a cutting edge program and leave you, our guest, with an enriching experience that you can carry onto your own practice. We promise practicality, in addition to evidence-based science.

Welcome to the Capital. Welcome to Abu Dhabi.

Hassan Galadari, MD
Conference Chairman – Emirates Derma
Abu Dhabi, UAE